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Sep. 26th, 2012 09:24 am
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Comments and criticism about how I play Larry Butz (who, by the way, is not my character in any shape or form and is in no way any source of profit; I only roleplay him for my personal enjoyment and gain nothing except happiness and lulz) go here. Comments are screened, IP logging is turned off, anon is enabled, you get the picture. Or, you can get hold of me some other way.

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Threadjacking/threadhopping: I pretty much allow this anywhere anytime, but if you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask me first.
4th-walling: You can try, although I want to be sure that your character really does get into video games in canon. Larry will either take you too seriously for comfort or laugh it off. Maybe the former will happen. Bottom line: Can you please bug me first before 4th-walling? Thanks~
Fighting/maiming: By all means, but if it's going to be a really serious pounding with all the blood and gore, let's talk about it first. But the whipping and the slapping and the throwing-him-out type of violence? Go crazy.
Death: No thanks. 
Kissing: If you're a (pretty) girl, he'll jump to all sorts of conclusions and think you're after him. If you're a guy, he's just going to be freaked, because the Butz, in my headcanon, is strictly heterosexual. If you're a not-so-pretty girl...uh, he'll kind of appreciate it but errrrr.
Hugging: He'll be less likely to jump to conclusions with hugs. And he just likes hugs. Hug away!
Flirting/Relationships: Whoa boy, he wants me to just say YES to this! I want to kind of clear this up with you before we pull this off. Remember that Larry will be very determined to keep his latest girlfriend! But personally, I'm iffy with playing out relationships. We'll see.

Anything else beyond that will be off-limits. I don't play out smut or anything leading up to it as a rule, and the flirting is always kept G-rated.

If you think Larry will chase after your woman and you don't want him to at all, don't hesitate to let me know on this post, or wherever!


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